Cybercrime has become more complex than ever before. It has become complex to a degree, where mitigation lies beyond the boundraries of the IT domain.

As the world becomes more and more connected new attack vectors emerge. Just a few years ago typical attacks included hacking a website, malware and phishing mails. Today we have successful attacks where the microprocessor in the heating control has been used as bridgehead, vulnerabilities in the router at home has been used to compromise the company network and your PC-banking or the POS in a supermarket has been compromised.

Companies and organizations are facing a completely different cyberthreat than yesterday. A cyberthreat that reaches far beyond the IT infrastructure directly associated with the company.

And to make things worse, the so called CEO-fraud has emerged as well. The attack starts with slip in IT security, however the success of the attack depends on the internal procedures of the organization.

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